Since 2007, the Great Eastern Ranges has been bringing people together to work towards a shared vision of well connected, resilient and thriving communities, landscapes and natural systems across 3,600km of eastern Australia.
We do this by partnering with and filling the gaps in knowledge, capacity and capability of a growing network of local, regional and national organisations. These include other environmental not-for-profits, Landcare and community groups, government agencies, First Nations groups, academic and research institutions, and businesses.

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  • Supporting wildlifeSupporting wildlife
  • Providing natural solutionsProviding natural solutions
  • Creating resilient landscapesCreating resilient landscapes
  • Ensuring healthy communitiesEnsuring healthy communities

“The GER vision is an internationally significant investment in a better Australia and a continental scale response to climate change.”

The late Dr. Graeme Worboys

The late Dr. Graeme Worboys, Former Vice Chair Mountains and Connectivity, International
Union for Conservation of Nature World Commission on Protected Areas


25th March 2024

Koala tree troughs making a splash in Queensland

Drinkers installed to provide koalas and other native animals with a reliable source of water during droughts and after bushfires are being hoisted up into trees across south-east Queensland. The […]

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18th March 2024

Scent detection dog uncovers new evidence of little-known koala population in Coffs

A scent detection dog has been used to sniff out koalas on the Dorrigo Plateau, an area in which the iconic marsupial has until recently remained largely unstudied. Max, an […]

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27th February 2024

Amazon Web Services and Great Eastern Ranges collaborate to boost catchment health and biodiversity in Greater Sydney

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Great Eastern Ranges (GER) have announced a collaboration to enhance the health and functioning of important parts of the major water catchment that supplies Greater […]

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19th February 2024

Australia’s spotted tigers

Closely related to Tasmanian devils and the extinct Tasmanian tiger, the spotted-tailed quoll (also known as tiger quoll) is the second largest carnivorous marsupial in Australia. And like its relatives, […]

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