About Us

The Great Eastern Ranges was established in 2007 as a direct response to reversing the pervasive impacts of habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation by reconnecting our natural world at the vast scale needed. Today, we are an independent not-for-profit that serves as a backbone organisation for connectivity conservation, bringing people together around a shared vision for nature across 3,600km of eastern Australia. We remain committed to supporting efforts to connect, protect and regenerate our landscapes and natural systems and provide dynamic solutions to our climate, biodiversity and wellbeing challenges.

GER takes a collaborative approach, partnering with over 250 environmental non-profits, Landcare and community groups, government agencies, First Nations organisations and research partners. to support and deliver community-led, science-based projects. These complementary activities, delivered across multiple landscapes from Tasmania to Far North Queensland create positive impacts at the local, regional and continental scale.

By working together and supporting connectivity efforts in the highest priority places, the Great Eastern Ranges initiative achieves far more than the sum of its parts.

Connectivity conservation is a community-led approach to conservation that brings people together to reverse the impacts of habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation by reconnecting our natural world.

  • Why do we need GER?

    The wildlife, landscapes and natural systems of eastern Australia are experiencing catastrophic impacts from an increasing range of threats including habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation; climate change and biodiversity loss; feral animals and weeds and urban spread. GER is one of the only conservation initiatives large enough to respond to these significant challenges at the vast scale needed.

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