Invest in GER

An investment in the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative is an investment in the future of eastern Australia’s natural resources, wildlife and people. By investing in us you are supporting a strong proven partnership that delivers effective and long-term conservation benefits across eastern Australia.

Opportunities for investment

The funds you provide will be used to support a wide range of on-ground projects in priority locations and to maintain critical capacity at the national and regional level including:

Facilitating on-ground action
Helping to secure our landscapes by funding local collaborative projects with landholders that help to re-establish natural connections between private land and protected areas across the Great Eastern Ranges to preserve their ancient rainforests, rich biodiversity and thriving tourism industry.

Supporting National Leadership
Investing in our national leadership so that GER can continue to provide strategic planning, implementation and coordination and help communicate lessons learnt.

Providing Regional Capacity
Providing essential funding for our Regional Partnership Facilitators so that they can continue to maintain and establish partnerships, inspire participation and leverage the capacity and skills of our many partners.

Ensuring Clean Water
Ensuring clean, secure and reliable water sources for people, wildlife, farming and industry by supporting projects that restore riparian corridors and wetlands, and promote improved land management practices.

Managing Biosecurity
Assisting GER to manage the most widespread and pervasive threats to our natural resources, ecosystems and rural livelihoods through strategic management of weeds and feral animals across public and private land.

Brokering Carbon
Enabling us to promote and target the investment of voluntary carbon emissions offsets into protecting, maintaining and restoring resilient and biodiverse carbon stocks.

Empowering local communities
Helping to build the skills and capacity of local landholders, students and Aboriginal people to improve and maintain the health and productivity of their land, manage threats and increase the resilience of local ecosystems through workshops and training.

Improving Health and Wellbeing
Ensuring a healthy and accessible environment that supports wellbeing, culture, active communities and a sound economy.

Research and Monitoring
Support vital research and monitoring projects that combine the strength of citizen science, emerging technologies and world-leading research institutions to monitor change in landscape health and track project outcomes.

For more information to help guide your investment, click here to download the GER’s Prospectus.

Your donation will help us connect people to connect nature.