Why Support GER?

The environmental challenges we face – escalating extinction rates, rampant habitat loss and fragmentation, invasion by weeds and feral animals and climate change – are immense and require a large-scale solution. The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative is one of the few projects in Australia large enough to create a measurable difference at the scale needed.

The spectacular Great Eastern Ranges is a globally significant biodiversity hotspot, supporting 60% of our threatened animals, 70% of our plants and the densest concentration of insects, frogs and plants found only in Australia.

The diverse ranges also form the watersheds for the major river catchments of eastern Australia, providing clean water for over two-thirds of our population, whilst their diverse forests are the most carbon-rich on the continent.

By bringing people together to achieve conservation outcomes at the local, regional and continental scale, we can stem the loss of native wildlife, provide natural solutions to climate change, protect precious resources and ensure a healthy, resilient landscape for nature and people now and into the future.

But we need your support to make it happen.


"The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative will make a globally significant difference, as well as a difference to the lives and future of every Australian."

Harvey Locke

Harvey Locke, A founder of Yellowstone to Yukon

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