Our Purpose and Approach

Our vision: Well connected, resilient and thriving communities, landscapes and natural systems across 3,600km of eastern Australia.

Since 2007, the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) initiative has been bringing people together to connect, protect and regenerate nature, providing solutions at the scale needed to meet our climate, biodiversity and wellbeing challenges.

GER serves as a backbone organisation for connectivity conservation providing the big-picture vision and catalysing collective action to achieve shared conservation and restoration goals across public and private land. We take a collaborative approach, partnering with over 250 environmental non-profits, Landcare and community groups, government agencies, First Nations organisations and research partners. Through our partnerships, we support community-led projects that meet local needs and build capacity, while filling the gaps in science, knowledge, resources and collaboration needed to link these efforts across multiple landscapes to create positive impacts at the regional and continental scale.

Our role

• Provide the bold vision that inspires people to get involved.
• Fill the gaps in resources, capacity, capability and knowledge.
• Provide best practice connectivity science and translate it into on-ground action.
• Support connectivity planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation.
• Build diverse networks that facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.
• Influence and advocate for key policy change.

Our values

In order to achieve the vision of the Great Eastern Ranges initiative we uphold the following key values in our work:

  • Transparency – We are open, honest and authentic with others
  • Respect – We acknowledge the contribution, equity and leadership of all
  • Inclusiveness – We seek diversity in our partnerships and embrace collaboration
  • Passion – We actively advocate for our vision, our natural world and our people
  • Belief – We are confident in the strong science and value of connectivity conservation and the potential to achieve the vision of the Great Eastern Range

Our approach

Community-led conservation
We bring landholders, local communities and traditional custodians together through our regional partnerships to reconnect nature in ways that balance environmental, production and livelihood needs.

Partner for impact
To catalyse on-ground action, maximise impact and unlock vital funding, we partner with environmental and First Nations organisations, government, research institutions, Landcare and community groups across eastern Australia.

Translate science into action
Our multi-landscape programmes synthesise the best available science and translate it into tailored projects and holistic natural solutions that complement and build-on existing local and regional on-ground efforts.

Foster a global connectivity network
To boost connectivity conservation practice, accelerate learning and spark innovative solutions, we foster the cross-sharing of critical knowledge, tools and lessons learnt through our global network of practitioners, researchers
and organisations.

Champion connectivity conservation
To help raise the national profile of connectivity conservation and mainstream the practice, we promote the need and many benefits provided for nature, people and planet.

Share and celebrate success
We acknowledge, celebrate and share the stories, impacts and contributions of all of our partners to the Great Eastern Ranges initiative.

Our strategy

Click here to view our new Strategic Plan on a Page for 2023-2033.


"The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative will make a globally significant difference, as well as a difference to the lives and future of every Australian."

Harvey Locke

Harvey Locke, A founder of Yellowstone to Yukon

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