September 13, 2021

Providing natural solutions through connecting landscapes webinar

Over 250 people from seven countries registered to join ‘Providing natural solutions by connecting landscapes’, the second webinar in the 2021 Art of Connecting series on 6 September.

Hosted by Penelope Figgis AO, Oceania Vice President of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, the event brought together expert speakers from a diversity of backgrounds to explore the integrated natural solutions that connectivity conservation can provide, with a focus on the climate, biodiversity and health crisis.

Panellists included international conservation, forest and natural solutions expert, Virginia Young; connectivity activator, Celia Witehira; carbon restoration expert, Justin Jonson; WWF-Australia Landscape Restoration and Protection Program lead, Tim Cronin; Professor of Marine Ecology at Edith Cowan University, Prof Paul Lavery; and international expert in indigenous forest carbon and market-based mechanisms for financing, Dr Sean Weaver.

The Art of Connecting series is run by the Conservation Across Large Landscapes Australia New Zealand (CALLANZ) network which comprises the Great Eastern Ranges, Gondwana Link in Western Australia and Reconnecting Northland in New Zealand. The series seeks to aid the practice and science of connectivity conservation through the sharing of knowledge, tools and lessons learnt.

The final webinar in the 2021 series, which will focus on connecting for wildlife movement, will be held on 2 November.


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