Tandi Spencer-Smith

Board Member

Tandi Spencer-Smith is a respected senior manager with over fifteen years of experience in the environmental not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors and a Master of Science in Biodiversity Conservation. Tandi’s passion for the environment and strong belief in the Great Eastern Ranges initiative’s vision and work has seen her supporting the organisation in various capacities since 2013.

Before taking on her current role as Director of the Australian Committee for IUCN, Tandi held senior positions with the National Parks Association of NSW, the Great Eastern Ranges and Greening Australia.

She has served as the lead author and editor for two Australian Committee for IUCN publications and developed and designed a NSW curriculum-linked teaching package, Wildlife Corridors for Kids.

Tandi is a member of IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas, Species Specialist Commission, Commission on Communication and Education and the IUCN Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group.

She has broad experience in conservation and restoration across public and private land; community outreach; science communications; strategic planning; and program and business development.


Contribute towards our vision to protect, connect and restore healthy landscapes across 3,600km of eastern Australia.