Rosemary Crane

Board Member (2016-2018)

Rosemary is Director of Mosquito Productions Pty Ltd, a video production company specialising in documentary and continues to work as consultant in organisational change and communications. Her career began in the field of strategic communications, education, information and video production. During her early work with the Australian Department of Social Security, Rosemary established broadcast television facilities, changing the organisations communications approach. She was later seconded to design and drive the cultural change process to enable the creation of Centrelink.

Rosemary has worked as a consultant and video producer in the private sector and moved into the field of community engagement and stakeholder management when she became interested in environmental projects.

Rosemary joined the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative as their Communications, Marketing and Community Engagement Manager from 2007 until 2010. She subsequently joined the team tasked with transitioning GER to its current entity in early 2016 and subsequently served as a founding member of the board through 2017 and 2018.

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