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Since 2006, the Kosciusko to Coast (K2C) partnership has been committed to building the resilience, extent and connectedness of natural vegetation and halting the further decline and loss of species across the region.

What makes this landscape special?
Stretching from Kosciuszko National Park to the south coast of New South Wales, the K2C region occupies the greatest altitudinal range on the Australian continent. The region contains a wide variety of woodland and forest ecosystems and ecological communities ranging from alpine snowfields to coastal heath and dunes. These diverse landscapes support many rare and threatened species including the iconic Mountain Pygmy-Possum.

The challenge
Over the past 200 years however the distribution of native grasslands and woodlands throughout the region has contracted considerably, resulting in the fragmentation of vegetation and a subsequent loss of habitat for many native animals. Consequently, the landscape is under considerable stress and its long-term agricultural and environmental production capacity has been severely reduced.

About the partnership

K2C comprises fourteen partners working together to deliver better natural resource management and environment services to and learn from landowners and managers, landcare groups, and community. As well as reconnecting fragmented landscapes and protecting land of high conservation value, K2C is also working to improve the health of the land and its waterways.

Through its partners and projects, K2C is committed to working with the community, including farmers, other landholders, townspeople, community groups and the indigenous community, to restore and enhance connections between target areas of high quality or sensitive biodiversity.


  • ACT Government – Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • Friends of Grassland
  • Greening Australia Capital Region
  • Molonglo Catchment Group
  • National Parks Association of ACT
  • National Parks Association of NSW
  • Nature Conservation Trust NSW
  • NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • South East Local Land Services
  • Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee
  • Upper Murrumbidgee Landcare Committee
  • Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council

Regional Lead

Lesley Peden

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