Illawarra to Shoalhaven Connectivity Forum

The Illawarra to Shoalhaven Connectivity Forum (originally called the Illawarra to Shoalhaven partnership) was established to ensure the long-term survival of the region’s biodiversity in the face of climate change by protecting and enhancing habitat connections from the Royal National Park to Batemans Bay.

What makes this landscape special?

Illawarra to Shoalhaven was selected as a priority landscape by GER as it is one of the most biologically diverse regions in NSW. I2S is home to a host of threatened plants and animals, including the Illawarra Socketwood, Jervis Bay Leek Orchid, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Ground Parrot and the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog. The landscape also serves as a significant movement pathway for many bird species, such as the threatened Gang-gang Cockatoo, which fly each year from the mountains and tablelands to lowland areas on the coast.

By collectively working to remove threats such as invasive plants and animals and assisting with research and monitoring efforts, the I2S partnership is helping to create a healthier, more resilient landscape for nature and people.

About the partnership
Launched in 2013, I2S provides a forum for local organisations to pursue common conservation goals and contribute toward the Great Eastern Ranges vision. I2S builds on and adds value to the achievements of the many other active local community groups and landowners in the region who are already working on conservation and natural resource projects and work to strengthen existing collaboration between partners as well as forge new partnerships.


Forum Convener

Joel Little

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