Hinterland Bush Links

Established in 2011, Hinterland Bush Links is a visionary project to ensure the long-term conservation of the native plants and animals of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland by connecting, restoring and protecting habitat.

What makes this landscape special
Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland region is nationally recognised as a hotspot for its exceptional biodiversity. Its patchwork of hills and valleys, rainforests and heathlands, support an abundance of species including many threatened plants and animals. Some of the notable animals that live in the region are the Platypus, Marbled Frogmouth, Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Giant Barred Frog and Greater Glider.

The challenge
A significant portion of native bush in the region has been cleared and invasive weeds and feral animals are degrading the landscape, causing populations of native plants and animals to decline. Hinterland Bush Links was launched in response to these threats. By working with the community to create healthy and connected habitat, Hinterland Bush Links is providing local wildlife with the best chance of surviving into the future.

About the partnership
Hinterland Bush Links works with a wide range of agencies, community organisations and landholders across the region to protect and restore land and create vital connections between habitat. These include people with urban backyards through to those with large bush blocks and farms. These wildlife corridors enable plants to disperse, and native animals to access more habitat, undertake nomadic and migratory travel, and adapt to climate change. Hinterland Bush Links builds on the existing restoration work that is being carried out by landholders and organisations in the region. The organisation also runs a number of educational courses and workshops for landholders.

For more information on Hinterland Bush Links, visit their website at www.hinterlandbushlinks.org



Regional Lead

Aleisha Keating

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