Gondwana Link

GER is working with Gondwana Link, one of Australia’s other major large landscape conservation initiatives, to raise the national profile of connectivity conservation and maximise impact on the ground.

Gondwana Link was formed in 2002 to connect people, landscapes and livelihoods across 1,000km from the tall wet forests of the far south-west corner of Western Australia to the dry woodlands of the interior.

Like the Great Eastern Ranges, the Gondwana Link landscape is one of the continent’s critically important biodiversity hotspots. Together the two landscapes support a significant proportion of Australia’s threatened animals and plants, and carbon-rich forests and woodlands.

We have been working closely with Gondwana Link since our establishment in 2007, taking inspiration from their example, and sharing knowledge and lessons learnt.

A grant awarded jointly to both initiatives by The Ian Potter Foundation in 2019, enabled GER and Gondwana Link to further ramp up efforts to restore and reconnect healthy habitats across thousands of kilometers and reverse nature’s decline on either side of the continent.

The two initiatives work closely together to facilitate a national approach and effort to connectivity conservation, bring people together, coordinate resources, build knowledge and capacity, and deliver best available science and expertise.

GER and Gondwana Link are also committed to providing support for emerging connectivity conservation initiatives across Australia and actively collaborate with other large landscape programs around the world.

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