EcoHealth Network

To raise awareness of the fundamental links between human and ecosystem health, and to increase the effectiveness of ecological restoration globally, GER is a member of the global action network EcoHealth Network.

The EcoHealth Network (EHN), established in 2017,  is working to rapidly increase the amount and effectiveness of science-based and participatory ecological restoration around the world and to raise awareness of native biodiversity and ecosystems, and the fundamental links between human health and wellbeing and the resilience, vigor and health of all ecosystems. EHN promotes restorative activities across a spectrum of initiatives and interventions in urban, peri-urban, rural, agricultural, and natural and semi-cultural ecosystems of all kinds.

The network connects practitioners of long-term restoration projects with public health professionals and scientists so that they can learn from each other, share efforts, identify key knowledge gaps, and accelerate understanding and awareness of the benefits of restoration among policymakers and the general public.

Through the EcoHealth Network GER is working to:

  • Establish long-term EcoHealth network sites across the Great Eastern Ranges as part of the global network of sites, hubs and regional networks that are being established to advance the science, education and practice of restoration.
  • Combine restoration work with public health research, interventions, and outreach.
  • Conduct joint research projects.
  • Share data, knowledge and resources.
  • Influence health-nature policy and practice.

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