Community Environment Network

We have been working with the Community Environment Network for over a decade to provide an entry-level option for NSW landholders who are looking to manage their land to maximise biodiversity and support wildlife habitat.

Land for Wildlife
Land for Wildlife (LFW) is a voluntary property registration scheme which encourages and assists landholders to integrate conservation along with other land management objectives on their property. Participating properties range in size from small bush blocks to large farming and grazing operations. In NSW, Land for Wildlife is delivered by the Community Environment Network (CEN) through a network of Regional Providers.

Through our partnership with CEN, landholders across NSW are supporting the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) initiative by providing natural havens for wildlife and enabling the movement of animals and birds across their land, while boosting farm productivity. GER contributes to the scheme by actively encouraging landholders to join the program, whilst facilitators from several of GER’s regional partner networks serve as local LFW property assessors. With the vast majority of land in NSW privately owned, the collective impact of landholders participating in LFW is making a significant contribution to GER.

Hawkesbury River connectivity initiative
As part of their contribution to the Great Eastern Ranges, CEN is leading the establishment of a new, large landscape conservation collaboration to restore the health of the iconic Hawkesbury River from Warragamba dam through to Gosford on the Central Coast.

The Hawkesbury River and its tributaries encircle Greater Sydney, providing fresh water to more than 5 million people living in and around the city and serves as an essential movement pathway for a variety of wildlife including platypus, gliding possums, koala and fish. The picturesque river, which is culturally significant to local Aboriginal communities, also provides a valuable place for recreation and relaxation and supports a number of family run farms.

The collaborative initiative will engage Western Sydney communities, councils and organisations to restore and reconnect forest and woodland habitat; support the movement of local wildlife; and improve the health and resilience of key waterways; providing a multitude of health, wellbeing, social, economic and environmental benefits to Greater Sydney. The program will also work to raise awareness of the importance of well connected, healthy water systems for people and nature.

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