Border Ranges Alliance

Led by a small working group, the Border Ranges Alliance represents more than 50 groups actively involved in the conservation of World Heritage-listed rainforest in the Border Ranges region of north-east NSW and south-east Queensland.

The Alliance contributes to GER by promoting collaboration between its members to improve the connectivity, condition and resilience of the Border Ranges region.

Alliance members are responsible for a broad range of projects to implement the Border Ranges Rainforest Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP), a national recovery plan for the region’s rainforest and related ecosystems.

What makes this region special

The Border Ranges’ spectacular, rugged mountain scenery and diverse wildlife and ecosystems have led to the region being recognised as a Forests of East Australia Global Biodiversity Hotspot – places on earth that are the richest in biodiversity. These hotspots represent just 2.4% of the Earth’s land surface but together support more than half of the world’s plant species and almost 43% of its animals.

With over 8,000 vascular plant species and more than 2,000 species found nowhere else on earth, the Border Ranges exceeds the number of endemic species needed for this diverse region to be globally recognised.

The challenge

Within the Border Ranges, there are 108 conservation reserves including national parks, nature reserves, crown land and private conservation properties. While these areas’ rainforests, wildflower heaths, open forests and picturesque creeks are protected, most of the region’s native vegetation and diversity lies on private land where it is being impacted by expanding populations and urban development. A significant 77% of the natural vegetation in the Border Ranges has already been cleared or degraded, and remaining habitat for local plants and animals is rapidly disappearing.

The solution

The Border Ranges’ Alliance is working to reverse this trend and restore the connectedness, health and resilience of this diverse region. By also ensuring the health and resilience of the natural systems upon which we depend such as clean air and water, fertile soils, food and medicines, the Alliance is also improving the health and wellbeing of local and regional communities.

Partnership Facilitator

Jane Baldwin


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