Blue Mountains City Council

The Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC), which sits in the middle of a UNESCO declared World Heritage Area (WHA), is responsible for overseeing 140,000 hectares containing 26 townships as well as directly managing over 6000 ha of bushland reserves. 74% of the Blue Mountains LGA comprises national parks and is an environmentally diverse, biologically significant and culturally rich landscape.

As one of only two cities in the world surrounded by World Heritage Area, the council is committed to maintaining and protecting their unique environment and achieving a more sustainable Blue Mountains. The Greater Blue Mountains also contains important regional connections for wildlife moving both north-south and east-west across the ranges.

Through the partnership, GER is working with BMCC to:

  • Promote the regeneration, protection and enhancement of important wildlife corridors across the Blue Mountains Local Government Area.
  • Foster relationships with neighbouring councils to create a community of practice that can work together to achieve shared conservation goals and stewardship of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area as a significant regional corridor within the Great Eastern Ranges corridor initiative.
  • Delivering joint biodiversity, connectivity and planetary health (the interconnection between healthy people and a healthy environment) projects that enhance the health and wellbeing of local communities, wildlife and planet.
  • Supporting the Blue Mountains Bushcare Network to connect and collaborate as part of a wider effort across the Greater Blue Mountains Area and broader Great Eastern Ranges corridor.

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