Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Great Eastern Ranges are partnering to enhance the health and resilience of important parts of the Greater Sydney Water Catchment.

The partnership is part of AWS’ commitment to being water positive by 2030 – returning more water to communities and the environment than is used in the company’s data centre operations.

An initial two-year project supported through the partnership aims to restore nature in bushfire-impacted parts of the Wollondilly Shire to improve water yield and quality, boost biodiversity and enhance the resilience of local communities to the impacts of climate change. It is AWS’s first water replenishment project in Australia.

GER’s on-ground partner Greater Sydney Landcare is working with landholders, community groups and local government in Wollondilly to improve, expand and reconnect habitats for local wildlife and manage key threats that suppress natural regeneration and reduce water quality and output.

Once the project is completed, it is expected to deliver an additional 32 million litres of water each year to the Sydney catchment.

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