Stepping stones

GER Stepping Stones strengthens connectivity within priority sections of the Great Eastern Ranges by working with landholders and community groups to link isolated patches of bushland on private land to core habitat areas. These ‘stepping stones’ (habitat links) facilitate the movement of wildlife in response to climate change, expand available habitat and improve existing, and generate new, biodiverse carbon stores.

The Stepping Stones Project in the Hunter Valley is helping landholders to improve their properties for native plants and animals through assisting with the planting of trees and shrubs, weed control, property planning, protection of native vegetation and fencing. At the same time, landholders benefit from knowing that they are contributing towards the bigger picture with benefits expanding beyond the boundaries of their properties.

GER’s regional partner networks work collaboratively with participating property owners to identify sections of their land that can provide important habitat stepping stones and provide them with the support and advice needed to look after their property whilst also supporting the local wildlife passing through like koalas, spotted-tailed quolls and woodland birds.

The benefits of GER Stepping Stones extends beyond those directly involved in the project with neighboring landholders often being triggered to explore the benefits that they can provide for native plants and wildlife on their land too.

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