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Connecting people

By connecting and bringing people together across a diverse range of sectors and interest groups to create long-term, inclusive partnerships that empower local groups, Great Eastern Ranges (GER) achieves far more than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of GER’s approach is the knowledge that on-ground work to restore and reconnect our land is significantly improved when people work together in an informed, empowered and coordinated way.

By creating and supporting networks of partners in high priority areas, GER connects people in local landscapes with the knowledge, expertise and coordination to develop and meet common environmental goals. This regional approach ensures that relevant, actionable goals and sustained efforts are developed to reflect local needs and complement existing initiatives, while contributing to achieving the broader GER vision.

GER’s partners comprise a broad spectrum of over 200 organisations, including environmental not-for-profits, government agencies, local Landcare groups, traditional owners, research and academic institutions, industry and businesses.

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