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Support wildlife

By reconnecting and protecting alive habitat across the ranges, GER supports wildlife movements across seasons and landscapes, restoring natural migration routes and creating stepping-stones between protected areas to enable wildlife to move and adapt in response to a changing climate.


  • Flyways
  • Glideways
  • Stepping stones
  • Scenic Rim Land-bridge

    Initiating the creation of a unique land bridge and wildlife corridor between the iconic Lamington and Springbrook National Parks of the Gold Coast Hinterland.

  • Berry Corridor

    Reconnecting lowland rainforest to support the movement of wildlife between the coast and the escarpment as part of a local ‘Escarpment to Sea’ vision.

  • Mapping the Flyways of the Great Eastern Ranges

    Unlocking the mysteries surrounding the annual migration of millions of birds, bats, fish and insects – where they go and how we can support them in an era of landscape change.

  • Thickening Illawarra’s ‘Thin Green Line’

    Consolidating the connectivity of the Illawarra escarpment at the ‘east Robertson pinch point’ between Macquarie Pass and Budderoo National Parks.

  • Biolinks for Gliders

    A comprehensive program by the Biolinks Alliance to restore and reconnect habitat for gliders and other woodland species throughout central Victoria.

  • Glideways in the Macedon Range
    © David Cook | Flikr camera

    Glideways in the Macedon Range

    Securing the southern-most population of Greater Glider – a population otherwise isolated in the Wombat Forest and in need of connectivity to ensure their survival.

  • Reconnaissance survey of arboreal mammals

    Assessing population distribution, abundance and habitat availability for arboreal wildlife impacted by fires in the western Greater Blue Mountains and East Gippsland.

  • Hume Crossings for Gliders

    Reconnecting natural connections across the Hume Highway combining artificial structures, habitat restoration and monitoring of population movements.

  • Wedderburn Local 2 Landscape

    Working with the Wedderburn Conservation Management Network to restore damaged for Mallee Fowl and other vulnerable woodland species.

  • Merriwa Rail Corridor restoration

    Working with Taronga Zoo and John Hollande to restore stepping-stone connections on disused rail lines to span a critical gap in the Great Eastern Ranges at the head of the Hunter Valley.


By donating to the Great Eastern Ranges you will be helping us to relink and restore healthy habitats across 3,600km for nature and people.