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Resilient landscapes

By supporting improved land management practices and natural processes like pollination, whilst strategically managing threats to ecosystems and rural livelihoods, GER creates healthier, more resilient, and productive landscapes for wildlife, farmers, and industry.
  • Resilient landscapes projects
  • Trees For Pollinators
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    Trees For Pollinators

    Planting high volume nectar- and pollen producing trees to support nomadic and migratory pollen-and nectar-dependant birds, bats and butterflies.

  • Plains to Pacific

    Working with the Community Environment Network to link riverine habitats and restore water quality along the Hawkesbury-Nepean River from the Blue Mountains to NSW Central Coast.

  • Restoring resilient landscapes in Greater Goorooyarroo

    Reconnecting the woodlands of the ACT with the escarpment forests of the south coast of New South Wales.


By donating to the Great Eastern Ranges you will be helping us to relink and restore healthy habitats across 3,600km for nature and people.