What we do

Since 2007, the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) has brought people together to stem the loss of native wildlife and their habitats, provide natural solutions to the climate crisis, protect precious resources, and ensure thriving, resilient landscapes and ecosystems for nature and people. Today, we are one of the world’s largest conservation initiatives, delivering impressive environmental, health, cultural and socio-economic benefits across eastern Australia through our extensive network of local, regional, and national partners.

Our projects

  • Support wildlifeSupport wildlife
  • Natural solutionsNatural solutions
  • Resilient landscapesResilient landscapes
  • Healthy peopleHealthy people
  • Bushfire response

    The devastating 2019-2020 bushfires necessitated a coordinated and complementary effort to restore habitat and assist wildlife across eastern Australia. With the people and structures already in place, the Great Eastern Ranges was in a unique position to be able to respond to this need through a staged approach that reacted quickly to the immediate threat, whilst ensuring the long-term restoration, resilience and connectivity of our land, wildlife and communities post-fire.


Contribute towards the Great Eastern Ranges vision to protect, connect and restore healthy landscapes across 3,600km of eastern Australia.