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Connect, Protect, Restore

By connecting, protecting and restoring our landscapes and natural systems at the vast scale needed, the Great Eastern Ranges initiative reverses the impacts of habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation and provides holistic natural solutions that address our intertwined climate, biodiversity and wellbeing challenges.
  • Connect and restore

    The Great Eastern Ranges initiative works to reconnect our landscapes and ecosystems across eastern Australia by regenerating vital habitats, reducing major barriers to wildlife movement, improving land management practices and tackling key threats like feral animals and weeds. This creates stepping stones of habitat and green corridors that enable wildlife to move freely in search of food, shelter and breeding partners, re-establishes natural migration pathways and enables our ecosystems to function unimpeded so that they can continue to provide the many services that sustain us, such as pollination, flood risk reduction, soil formation and carbon absorption. Re-establishing important connections also builds the resilience of our communities, wildlife and landscapes to the impacts of climate change and protects the natural and cultural values that underpin our wellbeing, sense of place, livelihoods and economies.

  • Protect

    Over 70% of land in the Great Eastern Ranges is privately owned. These properties often contain important habitat that supports a diversity of wildlife, including many threatened species, and provides vital refugia for animals during climate disasters. Even a single paddock tree can provide homes for an incredible diversity of animals. This places landholders in a unique position to be able to contribute meaningfully to supporting their local landscape and wildlife by conserving important native habitat on their property while also providing production and livelihood benefits. Private land conservation agreements range from voluntary ones with GER partner, Land for Wildlife to permanent conservation covenants which ensure that land is protected in perpetuity.

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