Promoting connectivity conservation

GER plays a vital advocacy and lobbying role for connectivity conservation by promoting its multiple benefits and best practice science across sectors, land tenures and state boundaries. By promoting connectivity conservation, GER mobilises available resources, attracts vital project funding and puts conservation on the political agenda.

GER was instrumental in lobbying for development of the Australian government’s ‘National Wildlife Corridors Plan’ in 2012 – a world-leading plan in establishing a national framework for connectivity conservation.

Today, GER is an active member of the global IUCN Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group in its efforts which has included assisting in the preparation of global guidelines for connectivity conservation and large landscape conservation to be considered at the 2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress.

The organisation is also working in partnership with Gondwana Link –  a large landscape conservation initiative which is reconnecting natural habitats across 1,000 km of south-western Australia  –  with support from The Ian Potter Foundation to promote and scale-up connectivity conservation initiatives at the national level.

This includes promoting effective practice through the delivery of:

  • Best practice connectivity conservation science
  • Targeted communications
  • Providing network support
  • National leadership
  • Voluntary habitat restoration standards


By donating to the Great Eastern Ranges you will be helping us to relink and restore healthy habitats across 3,600km for nature and people.