Grow Knowledge and Capacity

To drive effective, consistent, high-quality environmental, social and economic outcomes, the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) grows capacity at the individual and organisational level and facilitates the cross-sharing of critical knowledge, tools and lessons learnt.

Effective connectivity conservation can only occur when local groups and individuals are empowered to work collaboratively. Strong investment in building and enabling the capacity of partners, landholders and the wider community is also essential for enhancing knowledge of conservation priorities and what others are doing to address them as well as improving coordination of local conservation activities.

GER’s work involves capturing local knowledge and reflecting the values needed to ensure partner networks have access to advice and support as they develop their own approach to working together in their local areas. This knowledge is passed on to partners through a range of different workshops, demonstration activities and masterclass training events.

By being part of a wide network of conservation practitioners, GER’s partners also have the opportunity to learn, share and connect with each other.

Your donation will help us connect people to connect nature.