Vision, Purpose and Values

Our vision: Well connected, resilient and thriving communities, landscapes and natural systems across 3,600km of eastern Australia.
Our purpose: To bring people together to connect, protect and regenerate nature, providing solutions at the scale needed to meet our climate, biodiversity and wellbeing challenges.

GER works with its partners across the length of the continent to stem the loss of native species, provide natural solutions to a changing climate, protect precious resources and ensure a healthy, resilient landscape for wildlife and people.

We support and enable voluntary partnerships involving more than 250 local, regional and national organisations representing a broad spectrum of natural resource managers and conservation stakeholders: Aboriginal people and field naturalists, Landcare and local government, public land managers and research institutions, businesses and educators, policymakers and scientists.

We take a strategic and scientific approach to conservation, working on collaborative projects to:

  • Apply science to communicate what nature needs;
  • Promote connectivity conservation principles across sectors, tenures and landscapes;
  • Mobilise a network of coordinated efforts that restore connectivity for native species; and
  • Enable communities through fundraising.

Our values

  • Transparency – We are open, honest and authentic with others
  • Respect – We acknowledge the contribution, equity and leadership of all
  • Inclusiveness – We seek diversity in our partnerships and embrace collaboration
  • Passion – We actively advocate for our vision, our natural world and our people
  • Belief – We are confident in the strong science and value of connectivity conservation and the potential to achieve the vision of the Great Eastern Ranges

Our working principles

  • Place people at the heart of the solution.
  • Use a science-based approach to achieve what nature needs.
  • Drive integrated natural climate-biodiversity solutions that match the scale of the planetary challenges we face.
  • Combine ecosystem-based approaches and species outcomes.
  • Support community-led projects that meet local needs and priorities.
  • Foster two-way science and knowledge sharing (Weaving modern science with traditional knowledge)
  • Be bold, innovative and continually evolving.
  • Manage cultural place-based values in partnership with First Nations People.

Our long-term goals

  • Important landscapes and natural systems across the Great Eastern Ranges are better protected and connected.
  • Our projects are delivering long-term, sustainable impacts across multiple landscapes in a rapidly changing climate.
  • We have supported the establishment of new connectivity initiatives in other priority regions across Australia.
  • The Great Eastern comprises a robust network of partners whose collective impacts match the scale of the planetary challenges we face.
  • We have secured the funding, resources and capacity needed to serve as a flourishing and effective backbone organisation for connectivity conservation.

"The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative will make a globally significant difference, as well as a difference to the lives and future of every Australian."

Harvey Locke

Harvey Locke, A founder of Yellowstone to Yukon

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